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TRC Sprinkler Remotes

TRC focuses on providing the highest quality FM transmitter and receiver systems available. With thousands of units sold, our products are found at Professional Sports Stadiums, Golf Courses, Parks, Corporate Headquarters and anywhere wireless control of irrigation systems is needed.

The wireless irrigation controls are designed to be used with the most popular irrigation controller on the market.

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TRC Irrigation Remotes offers the following FM Transmitter and Receiver products in its line of RF wireless remote controls for commercial irrigation systems. These products interface with Hunter, Irritrol, Rain Bird and most other irrigation system controllers.

Permanent Receiver Cards

Receiver Cards are used for wireless control of irrigation systems. We have cards for most irrigation system controllers.

TRC Commander (32-station receiver)

The portable TRC Commander operates all 24VAC controllers for irrigation systems.

TRC Sidekick (12/24-station receiver)

The portable Sidekick FM operates most 24VAC controllers for irrigation systems.

Controller-Specific Sidekick Systems

Spending too much time setting up your remote? Need a fast, long-range solution? The Controller Specific Sidekick System is the ideal addition to your Irrigation controller. Easy installation and simple operation make it the commercial contractors ultimate labor saving solution for wireless controller operation.

FM Antennas

We carry whip, telescoping, threaded, and mag mount antennas and RG-58 coax cable for long-range, wireless communication.


We have connector cables for irrigation controllers. We also carry DIC connectors.

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