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Armada Technologies - GFL3000 - Ground Fault Locator

Brand: Armada
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The GFL3000 is designed to pinpoint nicks or cuts in underground cables or wires where voltage is leaking to ground.  The GFL3000 transmits a powerful pulsed charge that is detected by the receiver at the top of the A-Frame. The receiver has an analog meter that kicks in the direction of ground faults. Following these kicks will quickly lead you to the exact location where electrical voltage is being lost to ground.
  • Power Output – 2400 or 3400 VDC – Selectable
  • Voltage Protection – 240 VAC/400 VDC
  • Transmitter Weight – 9 lbs
  • A-Frame Weight – 4 lbs
  • Transmitter Battery – 12 V Rechargeable (Included)
  • Receiver Battery – 9 V Alkaline NEDA (Not Included)