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TRC - 01382 - DCI-2 Connects Receiver to DCI-1 Cable

Brand: TRC
SKU: 01382
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  • DCI-2 Connects Receiver
  • Connects to DCI-1 Cable

Designed for specific controllers, a DCI is an ideal addition to our Commander or SideKick system. Easy installation and simple operation make it the commercial contractors ultimate labor saving solution for wireless controller operation. A DCI combined with a Universal Receiver allows the operator to control operation at any time without having to approach the controller. The DCI converts the control logic of the Universal Receiver to match the control logic of the controller. This expands the capability of our Commander or Sidekick to operate as many stations as the controller has available, rather than limitations of 12,24, or 32 stations. Our DCI’s are designed to provide the irrigation professional with years of trouble-free service.