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Hunter - 10-A - 10' Radius Adjustable Arc Nozzle

by Hunter
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  • Hunter - 10-A - 10' Radius Adjustable Arc Nozzle
  • 10' Radius
  • 0-360 Degrees Adjustable Arc Nozzle
  • Female Threaded
  • Red

Whether dealing with hillside topography, a curved flowerbed, or other special landscape installations, challenging angles demand nozzles that adjust to their surroundings. Hunter Pro Adjustable Nozzles cover any angle needed on any landscape with the accuracy of a fixed nozzle. Engineered to emit larger than average water droplets, these nozzles are reliable, accurate, and fully adjustable to any angle from 0° to 360°. Pro Adjustable Nozzles are available in seven models that cover distances from 4' to 17' using recommended pressure. For easy inventory and field ID, models are color-coded based on throw distance.