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Wilkins 350 Replacement Housing Assembly Repair Kit Choose 3/4" or 1"

SKU RK1-350V
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 The Vessel Repair Kit is compatible with the Model 350 and 350XL Double Check Backflow Preventer. 

Repair Kit components include:

  • 1) Pressure Vessel
  • 1) #1 Seat
  • 1) #2 Seat
  • 1) #1 Seat O-Ring
  • 1) #2 Seat O-Ring
  • 2) Poppets
  • 2) Springs
  • 2) Sleeves
  • 1)Housing Inlet O-Ring,
  • 1) Housing Outlet O-Ring, 
  • 4) Pressure Vessel Screws,
  • 2) Test Cocks,
  • 2) Test Cock Cap Plugs.

Wilkins 350 Repair Kit, specifically designed for compatibility with the Model 350 and 350XL Double Check Backflow Preventer. Our high-quality Repair Kits are the perfect accessories for fast and easy repairs, ensuring your system maintains optimal performance. Crafted to provide enduring protection against back siphonage and back pressure, these kits prevent the contamination of your water supply by polluted water. Trust the Vessel Repair Kit for reliable, long-term solutions to your backflow prevention needs, safeguarding your water system with ease and efficiency.