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Baseline Moisture Sensors

Better Landscape, Less Water, More Savings
Using Baseline's BiSensor™ soil moisture sensors, you can create healthier landscapes and save time, money, and water in the process.  Baseline's biSensor soil moisture sensors use patented technology to water better than any other technology on the market and biSensors save money because they reduce water usage up to 62 percent or more over traditional irrigation methods.  They automatically self-adjust with the season, which means fewer trips to the field to adjust controllers.  Simply put, you'll love the results in your landscape and the savings of time, water, and money.

How it Works
Baseline Soil Moisture Sensors work by sending a high frequency pulse of electricity down an embedded wire path.  The high frequency of the pulse causes the sphere of influence to move outside the sensor blade and into the soil around it.  When the pulse travels through moisture, it slows down.  The sensor measures the speed, and then converts this measurement to a moisture content reading.