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Atlantic's Colorfalls system is what sets us apart from the rest.
Not just an attractive accent, Colorfalls are the centerpiece of a well-designed outdoor living installation.
Colorfalls Systems Feature:
  • Basin dimensions that work with popular retaining walls and paving stones for easy installation with minimal cutting.
  • Built-in plumbing recesses that enable all plumbing to be installed within the dimensions of the basin, for clean lines and no saw cuts.
  • A pump chamber, separated from the rest of the basin by a Matala filter mat that diffuses water turbulence, eliminates bubbles and allows more light to travel through the falls.
  • An all-new body design for the Color Changing Colorfalls that offers complete access to internal components, multiple plumbing and color options and the unmatched capacity to join any number for falls of unlimited width!

Atlantic Water Gardens Pond Components

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