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Fighting Lame Customer Service Since 2011

Sprinklers aren’t sexy, but phenomenal service sure is.

Hey, you found the page where we talk about ourselves! Spoiler alert, though: we actually wanna talk about YOU.

Sprinkler Supply Store exists because you deserve a better, easier way to get the sprinkler system and landscaping parts you need.

To put it gently, other traditional distributors in our industry blow chunks at customer service.We’re not exactly sure why it’s so hard to ship items quickly, respond to emails, and return calls. But for some reason, other parts sellers find it more difficult than landing the Mars Rover.

Luckily for us, that means Sprinkler Supply Store’s commitment to basic human decency has turned us into the leading direct-to-consumer wholesaler of sprinkler parts. We stock more than 7,000 parts in our warehouses.

If you can’t find what you need, we’d be thrilled to special-order it for you. Get in touch anytime!

3 Rules We Live By:

(1)  If you call a supplier, they should call you back. Same goes for emailing. We’re grateful that you want to give us your money. In return, we want to give you the parts you ordered, PLUS a fantastic (and dare we even say… fun??) experience. Crazy how some suppliers don’t think that’s important.

(2)  Your order isn’t complete when we ship it — it’s complete when you’re 100% happy. We want you to feel like this every time you buy from us and install our parts.

(3)  If you have something to say, we’re listening. You can get in touch with us anytime by emailing , or calling our Customer Service Wizard (his name is Denny) at 231-486-5001. Denny is around to help you out from 10 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday.
(We let him go home on the weekends, ‘cause we’re nice that way.)

Fun Facts About Us

There are 30 people on the Sprinkler Supply Store team. That’s enough people to start a marching band, but who has the time?

Our favorite office snack is the still-bleeding hearts of our competitors, followed closely by guacamole.

If we had a TV drama, it would be called Lawn & Order. *dun dun*

Our Core Values

  1. Fun
  2. Optimism
  3. Creativity
  4. Curiosity
  5. Growth

Meet the Operations Team

Andy Humphrey: Founder/Sprinkler Head aka Sprinkler Nerd

Andy is the visionary behind (well, as much as spotting a need in the market and filling it can be considered “visionary”). He spends his time scheming new and better ways to serve customers and preach the gospel of Much Better Customer Service.

Follow Andy on social @sprinklernerd

Denny Richards: Customer Service Wizard

Denny is the dude to talk to when something isn’t quite right with your order when you realize you forgot something right after hitting “Complete Order,” or when you just want to chat about music gear (especially electric basses.)

Frankie Corado: Tech Marketing Operation Specialist Guy

Frankie keeps the orders flowing, products updated, and the marketing on track. There's a lot more, but we'll keep you in suspense.