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Drip Irrigation Pressure Regulators

Accurate Regulators for Ensuring Uniform Pressure

Ensuring continuous non-peak, consistent pressure and maximum system uptime, our highly accurate pressure regulators are available in two models.

PRV 2000:
Located near the head control, this model is available at various outlet pressures.

Located inside the dripperline, sprinkler or conduction/distribution pipe entry point, this model is suitable for low-flow rates that are most prevalent in sloped irrigation applications.
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    Rain Bird

    Rain Bird - XCZ-100-PRB-COM - XCZ Wide Flow Commercial Control Zone Kit with 1 in. Ball Valve, 1 in. PESB Valve and 1 in. 40 psi Basket Filter

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    Basket Filters 1" Ball Valve with 1" PESB Valve 1" Pressure Regulating (40 psi) Rain Bird Control Zone Kits provide all of the components necessa...

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    Netafim - 6809091 - Netafim 1/4 in. Pressure Gauge Needle

    Netafim's 1/4" female threaded adaptor allows measuring pressure from multiple water control accessories such as filters, valves, drip-lines hoses

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Netafim Pressure Regulators

Our online store has one of the largest warehouse selections of Netafim Pressure Regulators.

Regulators for Ensuring Uniform Pressure


  • Built-in pop-up indicator for notification when desired pressure is attained (PRV model only)
  • Sealed, field-replaceable regulating units for easy and inexpensive maintenance
  • Versatile installation options for effective irrigation across diverse applications
  • Optional Corrosion- and chemical-resistant body for extended durability, even in mining applications

Pressure Regulators for Irrigation

These pressure regulators will help maintain continuous and even water distribution even in the most challenging irrigation situations.