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Baseline’s biLine Decoders

The secret to Baseline’s biLine two-wire technology lies in Baseline’s patented biCoders™ (two-wire decoders).  Baseline’s biCoders are the only true bi-directional two-wire devices in the industry because Baseline’s biCoders not only receive commands from the controller, they also send real-time information back to the controller. Plus, Baseline’s biCoders have built-in diagnostic LED lights that tell you at a glance whether the device is working

Station Bicoders: Baseline’s biLine technology and biCoders can operate up to 15 zones concurrently at distances further from the controller than any other product in the market.  More zones running means a shorter water window, and a greater allowable wire length means fewer controllers to manage. Baseline’s biCoders are available in single, dual, and quad-station configurations.

Pressure BiCoder: With the Baseline Pressure biCoder, your BaseStation 3200 irrigation controller is capable of reading a 4-20mA signal over the two-wire. The Pressure biCoder, when configured with a pressure sensor, allows the BaseStation 3200 to start, stop, or pause programming based on PSI readings from the device. You can even shut off pumps or master valves based on high pressure or low-pressure alerts

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