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Baseline Zone Valves biCoder, Valve Decoder

Brand: Baseline Inc
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This smart technology also enables you to assign any biCoder to a zone or function from the controller after the biCoder has been installed in the field.  With a multi-station biCoder, you can assign any station to any zone, in any order. These features will save you hundreds of hours because Baseline has eliminated the need for expensive programming equipment or multiple trips into the field just to assign zones to a device.  And diagnostics and repairs are a whole lot easier too. 

Baseline’s biLine technology and biCoders can operate up to 15 zones concurrently at distances further from the controller than any other product in the market.  More zones running means a shorter water window, and a greater allowable wire length means fewer controllers to manage. 

Baseline’s biCoders are available in single, dual, and quad-station configurations.  They’re also available for flow and event devices.