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Biocuda Pond Fish Food

Atlantic provides both Summer fish food and Cold Water fish food
  • Summer Fish Food: Water Temperatures 65&degF and above
  • Cold Water Fish Food: Water Temperatures 55&degF to 65&degF
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    Summer Fish Food
    Biocuda Summer Food is formulated for warm weather feeding to produce maximum fish growth and color enhancement.  The result of years of laboratory and extensive field research and development with top breeders, Biocuda Summer Food offers a premium blend of vitamins and minerals specifically designed to aid in color, growth and vitality of your fish. 
    • Nitrogen flushed for maximum freshness
    • Never clouds water
    • Contains natural pigments for maximum color enhancement
    Cold Water Fish Food
    Biocuda Cold Water fish food is designed for cool weather feeding and color enhancement of your fish. It is formulated for high palatability and digestibility to minimize excreted waste.  Biocuda Cold Water Food contains stable Vitamin C and Brewer's Yeast to promote fin, gill and tissue development, while nutrient supplements aid in overall fish health and resistance to disease. 
    • Contains wheat germ to aid in digestion
    • Never clouds water
    • New supplements to improve overall health and disease resistance