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Blazing Poly Saddles METRIC

The Blazing Saddle is the Original and best selling self-tapping saddle in the world. With millions installed in the ground every year and over 10 years of use, the Blazing Saddle is the most dependable saddle for your next irrigation installation.
  • BS2550 - 25mm Poly Saddle x 1/2" FPT
    Save 54%
    Original Price $4.78
    Current Price $2.18

    Blazing - BS2550 - 25mm Poly Saddle x 1/2" FPT

    10+ day delay

    Saddles 25mm Saddle x 1/2" FPT Poly Barbed fitting is a secure fit and easy installation without tools. Made of high impact ABS and the fastest s...

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    Original Price $4.78
    Current Price $2.18
    Save 54%
    10+ day delay

Blazing Saddle from Blazing Products on Vimeo.

No Clamping, Coring, or Cutting Required

The Blazing Saddle cuts out clamping, coring, and cutting. Less digging required for installation – you only need a hole 8″ in diameter to the pipe to install. Reduce the costs of labor, training, tools, glue and primer. There’s no easier or more efficient way to tap pipe to install a sprinkler head. You can forget all the cumbersome aspects of insert fittings and get the job done faster.

Optimal Sprinkler Head Flow

The Blazing Saddle’s unique design delivers optimal flow to each sprinkler head. The tap delivers more than 7 gallons per minute at 40 PSI and 12 GP at 60 PSI. And there’s no problem with flow restriction: On 1″ polyethylene pipe, there is less head loss than with a standard insert fitting; on PVC pipe, the Blazing Saddle’s contribution to head loss is equivalent to only 3 feet of plain pipe.


Blazing Saddles are made of high impact ABS and contain no metal or chloride like other fittings on the market making them the most eco-friendly fitting.

Technical Information

For use on any manufacturer’s 3/4″ to 1 1/2″ 80#, 100#, or 160# Poly and class 100 or 120 PVC pipe.


Tested to pressures over 400 PSI and put through vigorous on/off cycling in excess of 250,000 cycles, Blazing Saddles will last longer than the life of the irrigation system.