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Blazing Siphon Drains

Patented ball-valve design. Save on labor, fitting, clamps, and cement. Self-pierces, self-seals, clamps onto poly pipe in just three seconds. Or, installs just as fast on PVC after drilling a 3/8" hole. Grommets available for PVC installation.

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    • Self-pierces, Self-seals, and clamps onto poly pipe
    • Drill a 3/8” (10 mm) Hole for PVC and Thick Wall Poly (rubber grommet required)
    • Ball Valve Seals Above 10-15 PSI
    • Ball Valve Releases Below 10-15 PSI
    • No Gravel Pit Required to Aid Drainage• Made of High Grade ABS Material
    • Siphon Drain Can Also Be Mounted at a 45º Angle