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Christy's Glue and Primer

It’s no wonder that Christy’s™ solvent cements are the market leader for all plastic pipe applications.
For over 40 years, professional contractors have relied on Christy’s Red Hot Blue Glue® to make strong and permanent joints for PVC pressure and drainage lines. They love the fast performance that comes from the industry’s most aggressive chemical formulation, exclusive only to Christy’s. And because Red Hot Blue Glue is the original product made for use in wet conditions, they’re guaranteed a life-long bond even in tough job site environments.
Over the years, Christy’s line of solvent cement products has expanded to include a solution for every need and application providing the distributor and contractor “one stop shopping” in a single proven brand. Christy’s solvent cement and primers are manufactured in the company’s dedicated facility using state-of-the-art equipment and sophisticated process controls. The company’s on-site testing laboratories maintain stringent quality standards using multiple test procedures. These ensure the absolute consistency and performance required to meet ASTM and NSF standards noted for each product.

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