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ColorFalls Color Changing

Create brilliant effects with Atlantic's completely redesigned Color Changing ColorFalls.
The new weir style creates a thicker, fuller sheer that adds body and extra color to your falls with less wind deflection, and the modular design allows custom spillways of any width! The light bar offers 48 vibrant color options and patterns via remote control, and an optional Master Controller will synchronize the displays of up to 5 units, separate or connected. Stand out from the crowd!
Each Color Changing ColorFalls includes a Single Control Module & Remote Control
Color Changing Features 
  • Larger opening produces a thicker ater sheer, less splash, more color and reduces clogging caused by debris in the water.
  • Redesigned supports eliminate splitting of the water sheer and increase load capacity
  • 11/2" side and back plumbing options for maximum versatility
  • Includes 2 - 11/2" plugs for unused plumbing inlets
  • Self-draining body for easy winterization
  • Removable baffle for ease of cleaning and service 
  • Color Changing LED light bar that is accessible from the rear of the unit 
  • Removable back plate provides unparalleled access to the interior and light bar for routine maintenance.   

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