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Conbraco Dual Check Assemblies

These valve are manufactured in America.
The bronze body is configured with “wye” style checks for in-field serviceability. The device is available with options for three test cocks for in-line testing.
These Dual Check Valves prevent backflow by either backpressure or backsiphonage resulting from a cross-connection between potable water lines and substances that are objectionable, but not health-hazards.
  • Conbraco 1" Dual Check Valve
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    Original Price $104.61
    Current Price $50.09
    Conbraco Industries

    Conbraco - 40-3A5-5A - 1-inch Dual Check Valve

    Dual Check Valve 1" Dual Check Valve, Wye Pattern Bronze Body, Inline Testable Options; NPS, Swivel, Meter Thread Connections. 3/8" - 1". Documen...

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    Original Price $104.61
    Current Price $50.09
    10+ day delay
    Save 52%
• In-line repairable
• Low pressure loss
• Corrosion resistant
• Compact and lightweight
• Independently-acting check valves
• Available in standard and swivel connections