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Conbraco Pressure Vaccuum Breaker Assemblies

The 4A-500 series is a pressure vacuum breaker assembly.
There is an optional freeze protection
relief valve mounted into the air inlet float assembly. The bonnet threads into the valve body. The internal parts are made of a glass filled PPO plastic and utilizes
silicone discs. The check seat is replaceable.
  • Conbraco 2" Pressure Vacuum Breaker
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    Original Price $773.09
    Current Price $384.77
    Conbraco Industries

    Conbraco - 4A-508-02 - 2" Pressure Vacuum Breaker

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    Pressure Vacuum Breaker Assembly Size: 2" Material: Bronze The Apollo® Model PVB4A and PVBLF4A Pressure Vacuum Breaker A Series prevents contam...

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    Original Price $773.09
    Current Price $384.77
    Sold out
    10+ day delay
The Apollo(R) Model PVB4A Pressure Vacuum Breakers prevent contamination of the potable water supply due to backsiphonage. An optional integral freeze protection relief valve serves to reduce the possibility of damage due to intermittent freezing conditions. The modular check valve cartridge provides a captured spdng, a replaceable seat and a reversal silicone
seat disc. This Made in America assembly features Apollo(R) ball valves with stainless steel handles and nuts as standard
and cards the five-year Apollo(R) factory warranty.

  • Low pressure loss documented by independent approval agencies
  • Optional Built-in freeze resistance feature standard
  • Easily removable modular check valve cartridge
  • Captured stainless steel spdngs
  • Apollo(R) ball valves w/SS handles & nuts standard
  • Test cocks located for easy draining
  • Corrosion resistant
  • No special tools required
  • Unique canopy detachment
  • Designed, cast, machined, assembled and tested