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Febco Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker

Series 710, 715 Atmospheric Vacuum Breakers assure positive protection against backsiphonage of impure water into the main supply in the event that pressure loss causes vacuum conditions.
Series 710, 715 is ideal for hose bibs, chemical vats, X-ray tanks, turf irrigation systems, and laboratory sinks. They feature a bronze body and lightweight plastic poppets. Maximum Working Pressure: 150psi
  • Meets all specifications of ASSE
  • Documented flow curves established by The Twining Labs, Inc.
  • Simple service procedures.
  • Light weight plastic poppets.
  • Resilient rubber poppet discs designed for positive closure.
  • Cold water applications.
  • End Connections – NPT ANSI/ASME B1.20.1
Atmospheric Vacuum Breakers shall be installed on the discharge side ofthe last shutoff valve, shall have all bronze bodies and bonnets, and shallbe of the non-spilling type. Vacuum breaker shall be rated to 150psi(10.3 bar) working pressure and shall withstand water temperatures of32ºF to 110ºF (0ºC - 43ºC) for the Series 710 (1" - 2")(25 - 50mm) and32ºF to 180ºF(0ºC - 82ºC) for the 715 (1⁄2" - 3⁄4")(15-20mm).