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FX Luxor Wi-Fi Landscape Lighting Control

The Luxor Wi-Fi system is the next step in control for landscape lighting, adding onto the already versatile and limitless capabilities of the Luxor ZD. Zoning and dimming are now controllable with iOS and Android devices for on-the-fly control. For example, the lights can be initiated immediately when walking outside to have dinner or going to the pool, then dimmed to set a mood, then return to normal schedule when finished.

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    • Works with all FX LED fixtures with ZD Technology and Luxor controllers with Wi-Fi installed
    • Control with any smartphone or tablet and the new Light Assignment Module device
    • Assign every fixture attached to a Luxor ZD system wirelessly to a group using ActivAssignル technology.
    • Plug the LAM into any smart device, Enter Assignment Mode, Choose the new fixture group, Point the LAM at the light, and you're done.
    List Price:  $125.00
    Our Price:  $81.69
    You Save:  $43.31
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    In Stock
    • Allows the Luxor ZD control interface to be installed on the interior
    • Easier access
    • Easier to change the Wi-Fi point for better communication
    List Price:  $29.00
    Our Price:  $19.92
    You Save:  $9.08
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    In Stock
    • Luxor High Voltage Cube
    • Max Load: 400W/3.3A
    • Supports: AC Lighting
    • Alternate HV power source required.
    • 2.3 in. x 2.9 in. x 1.2 in.
    List Price:  $70.00
    Our Price:  $67.97
    You Save:  $2.03
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    In Stock
    • Luxor Lighting Controller
    • Color
    • Watts: 300
    • Color: Paintable Matte Gray
    • 30,000 color choices, with 3 million combinations
    List Price:  $1,199.00
    Our Price:  $926.02
    You Save:  $272.98
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    In Stock
    • Luxor Relay Cube
    • Max Load: 250VAC / 5A
    • Supports: Relay Switch
    • 1.7 in. x 2 in. x 1.2 in.
    List Price:  $70.00
    Our Price:  $67.97
    You Save:  $2.03
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      Luxor ZD

      With Luxor controlling an LED landscape lighting system, lights don't simply turn on and off. They come alive. Luxor offers both zoning and dimming capabilities that provide virtually limitless design possibilities. Zoning allows lights to be programmed into preset themes, which can be activated for special occasions such as parties, or activities such as barbecuing. Dimming allows lights to automatically emit any desired illumination percentage anytime, anywhere within a system.

      • Up to 250 independently adjustable lighting groups can be created
      • Groups can include up to 250 LED luminaires per group
      • Compatible with FX LED ZD lights only
      • All groups can be turned on independently and dimmed from 0-100%
      • Utilizes FX Luxor Communication Technology to connect lights to the controller
      • User interface includes a full color LCD display for easy setup, maintenance and adjusting of groups
      • Uses event based scheduling, which allows a single group of lights to change dimming percentages throughout the night
      • Fully removable facepack uses a RJ-11 cable that is extendable up to 1000’
      • Simple two-wire configuration for easy installation and adjusting
      • Fixture addressing takes place on the front of the facepack for easy access
      • No matter where a light is within a system, it can communicate with the transformer to receive its schedule, intensity, and group
      • Astronomical Timing Function with Map Placement Feature


      Wireless Control With Luxor Wi-Fi Module

      Now, any current Luxor ZD system can have wireless lighting control with the addition of the optional Luxor Wi-Fi System. Simply add the latest firmware update and a Luxor Wi-Fi Module. Take instant advantage of iOS or Android device control, wireless light assignment, and the ability to link multiple Luxor ZD systems.