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FX PotenzaX Transformers

This is the high tech heart of the FX Luminaire low voltage lighting system.
The patented PX is available in 300, 600, and 900 watt capacities with a variety of control options. The enclosure is fabricated from heavy gauge stainless steel for long life in corrosive exterior locations.
A critical function of any landscape lighting transformer is to supply the halogen lamps with a constant non-fluctuating voltage current to prevent premature lamp burnout. Any well designed lighting system starts with a solid power supply that will provide safe, clean power to energy-efficient components - the FX PotenzaX is engineered for the task. An important consideration in designing a lighting system is how it will be actuated. FX offers open switching control architecture. Use any standard timer, photocell, manual switch or "smart home" device to control the transformer.

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