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HADCO 120 Volt Ballasts

Shop a wide variety of HADCO high-voltage remote ballasts, both above-ground and in-ground ballasts, ranging from 35-150 watts.
Heavy-duty metal halide HID (High Intensity Discharge) ballast boxes are built to last. Choose HADCO line-voltage transformers to power your system.

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Hadco Remote Ballasts

Our online store has one of the largest warehouse selections of Hadco line voltage remote ballasts.

High Voltage Ballasts Transformers
Choose from among the best of Hadco transformers to best fit your landscape lighting systems.

    120 Volt Remote Ballast Transformers

    All metal halide HID ballasts are core and coil and regulated with power factors better than 90% (HPF). Ballast provides +/- 5% lamp power regulation with +/- 10% input voltageregulation. Ballasts are factory pre-wired and tested. Metal halide ballasts are capable of starting at -20° F or -30° C. Ballast is encapsulated in epoxy resin for moisture resistanceand additional corrosion protection. Long range ignitor included as standard equipment.