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Halco JC-Style Halogen Bulbs

We offer a broad selection of Halogen lamp types, wattages and bases to meet lighting needs for general, display/accent and retail applications.
Available in assorted line and low voltage options, Halogen lamps from Halco will meet your lighting needs. For many applications, Halogen serves as an evergy-efficient alternative to incandescent.
  • Halco JC 20W Bi-Pin G4 Base
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    Halco - JC20 - 20W Halogen T3 G4 3000 Hour

    Halogen - T3 G4 Base 20W 12V 3,000 Hours Double-ended and pin based quartz lamps are composed of a quartz glass envelope surrounding a tungsten f...

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    Original Price $1.77
    Current Price $1.24
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JC-Syle Halogen Bulbs

Our online store has one of the largest warehouse selections of Halogen Bulbs including Halco JC-Style bulbs.

Halco JC Bulbs

HaloXen from Halco: HaloXen lamp technology utilizes a mix of Halogen and Xenon gas that improves efficiency and lamp life over its standard Halogen counterparts. HaloXen lamps provide integrated UV protection, elevated color temperature and a crisp, white light throughout the life of the lamp. With higher lumens per watt and durable construction, it outperforms and outlasts standard Halogen. HaloXen achieves instant full brightness and is dimmable and mercury-free.