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Hunter Drip Zone Control Kits

These pre-assembled kits bring together the popular PGV valve with both a filter and a pressure regulator, providing you with a complete control zone.
The PGV valve features high-grade material construction, including a bonnet made of reinforced glass-filled nylon. Rounding out the kits elements are a stainless steel filter screen, flush cap and pressure regulator to maintain a consistent 25 or 40 PSI. To save both time and labor use the ACZ kit to meet your anti-siphon needs.
  • Factory-assembled and water-tested 
  • Highest quality components (stainless steel filter screen, standard flush cap, top-of-the-line regulator) 
  • Filter Sentry™ diaphragm screen cleaning system on ICZ kits 
  • Wide flow range to cover most micro irrigation applications
  • Warranty: ACZ & PCZ: 2 years. ICZ: 5 years.


Solenoid Operating Specifications

Heavy-duty solenoid 24 VAC

  • 350 mA inrush current, 190 mA holding current, 60 cycles
  • 370 mA inrush current, 210 mA holding current, 50 cycles

Factory Installed Options

  • 25 or 40 PSI regulator (ACZ-075, PCZ-101, ICZ-101)

User Installed Options

  • Reclaimed water ID handle for ACZ-075 and PCZ-101 (P/N 269205)
  • Reclaimed water ID handle for ICZ-101 and ICZ-151 (P/N 561205)