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Hunter Freeze-Clik Freeze Sensors

When freezing temperatures threaten a landscape, Freeze-Clik steps in
Once freezing temperatures are detected, Freeze-Clik will automatically shut an irrigation system down. When the temperature returns to an irrigation-friendly level, Freeze-Clik allows scheduled programming to run. Easy to mount and easy use, the Freeze-Clik can also be paired with other weather sensing devices to guarantee efficient watering during all types of weather.
  • Hunter FREEZE-CLIK Freeze Sensor
    Hunter FREEZE-CLIK Freeze Sensor
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    Hunter - FREEZE-CLIK - Freeze Sensor

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    Interrupts irrigation when temperatures DROP BELOW 37°F 37°F setpoint Includes: 25' wire and screws 24 VAC 6 amp Accidentally irrigating in the m...

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    Original Price $77.13
    Current Price $49.59
    Save 36%
    In Stock (1)
  • Installs easily with no adjustment needed
  • Accurate temperature sensing shuts system off when air temperature reaches 37°F
  • Used with other sensors to enhance overall efficiency of irrigation systems
  • Warranty period: 5 years
  • Note: Not intended for agricultural applications
  • Switch rating: 24 VAC, 5 amp
  • Wiring: Typically interrupts the common ground wire between the solenoid valves and the controller UL listed