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Hunter Wind-Clik Wind Sensors

Control irrigation system information during high wind conditions
The Hunter Wind-Clik saves water and enhances system efficiency by shutting off irrigation during high wind conditions. Once conditions have improved, Wind Clik resets the system, and resumes irrigation.
  • Wind-Clik, Wind Control 12-35Mph Shut Do
    Wind-Clik, Wind Control 12-35Mph Shut Do
    Save 36%
    Original Price $230.18
    Current Price $147.97

    Hunter - WIND-CLIK - Wind Sensor

    Adjustable wind control 12-35 mph shut down 24 VAC, 5 amp Sensor interrupts/returns irrigation when programmed wind speed is measured Look at any...

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    Original Price $230.18
    Current Price $147.97
    Save 36%
  • Adjusts to activate and reset at various wind speeds
  • Two types of Operation: "normally open" or "normally closed" wiring
  • Warranty period: 5 years
  • Works with fountain systems to eliminate overspray in windy conditions
  • Switch rating: 24 VAC, 5 A maximum
  • Actuation Speed: 12 to 35 mph
  • Reset Speed: 8 to 24 mph
  • Mounts: slip fits over 2" PVC pipe or attaches to 1/2" conduit with adapter (supplied with unit)