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Irritrol SL Sprays

Irritrol SL Series family of spray heads offers you exceptional flexibility, convenience and reliability at an affordable price.
Designed for residential and light commercial applications, Irritrol's SL series spray heads feature heavy-duty construction and advanced features for long-term reliability.

Key Features and Benefits

Pre-installed plastic variable arc nozzles are available in four radii - 10', 12', 15' and 17'
Compact, slimline body
Pressure-activated seal
Heavy-duty, stainless steel retraction spring
Compatible with all female threaded nozzles

Specifying information

Model Pop-up height VAN Nozzle radius
SL200 2" (51mm) 00-w/o nozzle
SL210 2" (51mm) 10' (3m)
SL212 2" (51mm) 12' (3,6m)
SL215 2" (51mm) 15' (4,6m)
SL217 2: (51mm) 17' (5,18m)
SL 400 4" (102mm) 00-w/o nozzle
SL410 4" (102mm) 10' (3m)
SL412 4" (102mm) 12' (3,6m)
SL415 4" (102mm) 15' (4,6m)
SL417 4" (102mm) 17' (5,18m)
SL600 6" (152mm) 00-w/o nozzle

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