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Kichler Specialty Lights

Niche and specialty lights allow you to choose which parts of your landscape to accent and what effects you want to create.
Available in a range of finishes and sizes, specialty fixtures from Kichler Lighting can mix with existing light fixtures or serve as stand-alone focal points in your garden landscape.

    • 12V Oak Trail Outdoor Chandelier Specialty Light
    • 19.5 lbs
    • Width: 26"
    • Height: 23"
    • Lead Wire Length: 42
    • Lamp Type: 912 Xenon
    • Socket Base: Wedge T5
    • Finish: Olde Bronze
    List Price:  $1,165.00
    Our Price:  $1,018.00
    You Save:  $147.00
    7-10 days

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    • Kichler 12V Deck Rail Barbeque Specialty Light
    • Width: 4.3 in.
    • Height: 29.5 in.
    • Lead Wire Length: 300
    • Lamp Type: MR11
    • Socket Base: Bi-Pin
    • Finish: Black (Painted)
    List Price:  $232.50
    Our Price:  $208.00
    You Save:  $24.50
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    • Kichler 12V Xen Garden Outdoor Chandelier Specialty Light
    • Width: 25 in.
    • Height: 14.5 in.
    • Lead Wire Length: 42 ft.
    • Lamp Type: 912 Xenon
    • Socket Base: Wedge T5
    • Finish: Olde Bronze
    List Price:  $1,027.50
    Our Price:  $896.00
    You Save:  $131.50
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      Kichler Specialty Lighting Fixtures

      Our online store has one of the largest warehouse selections of outdoor specialty lighting and light fixtures for niche applications. Set the mood and put your landscape on display in the best possible light.

      Specialty Lights for Beauty and Safety
      Choose from among the top lines of Specialty lighting fixtures on Our online store to enhance the warmth and comfort of your home while improving the safety of your ponds, pools and waterfalls.

      We carry all types of exterior niche lighting to meet the standards of your need for illumination.

      • Kichler Niche Lighting Fixtures for BBQ and Outdoor Cooking
      • Kichler Specialty Lights for Trails and Paths
      • Specialized Pool Lighting by Kichler
      • Kichler Specialty Lighting for Birdbaths & Water Features
      • Kichler LED Niche Lights

      Kichler Exterior Specialty Lights

      Kichler Specialty lighting is the stuff that dreams are made of. Create a focal point with an illuminated bird bath that makes an architectural statement, add lighted art to a Japanese Maple or define an outdoor eating area with a chandelier.

      Whether working with a lighting contractor, or on your own, you can rely on Our online store to supply all of your Kichler specialized light fixtures and accessories -- from electrical cable to LED lamps and bulbs.