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Netafim Hydrometers

Netafim USA Hydrometers are equipped with electrical output devices which combine the high reliability of hermetically sealed, magnetically driven registers with electric transducer output options.

For automation and communicating with controllers and other devices Where more than just the traditional register is required
Features & Benefits
Equipped with electrical output devices Combines high reliability of hermetically sealed, magnetically driven registers with a wide variety of electric output options Magnetic registers can be easily changed to accommodate a variety of electrical outputs

  • Globe Configuration With Built-In Straightening Vane
    Requires no straight pipe installation - saving space.
  • ± 2% Accuracy Across Flow Ranges
    No more false alarms.
  • Rugged, Heavy Duty Construction
    Cast Iron with corrosion resistant coating.
  • Registers Are Stainless Steel/Composite Encapsulated
    Guaranteed against fogging due to moisture.
  • Configured With Any Combination Of Pilot Control
    Manual electric and pressure reducing manual electric. Normally open or normally closed.
  • Double-Chambered Valve
    Provides quick acting and positive opening and closing.
  • Sub Metering
    Meter dedicated to landscape irrigation water.


  • For commercial, institutional and sports field irrigation applications
  • Ideal for retro-fits
  • Designed for high pressure, remote operated applications
  • Water meter can be used to communicate with irrigation controllers and central control units.
  • Valve can function as a remote master valve for automated operation.
  • Multiple pilot options: manual electric and manual electric pressure reducing.


  • Sizes: 1 ½”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 6” and 8”
  • Maximum working pressure:
    Manual Electric - 235 psi
    Pressure Reducing Manual Electric - 140 psi
  • Body: Cast iron, polyester coated
  • Valve diaphragm: Reinforced natural rubber
  • End Connections:
    1 1/2" - Male Pipe Thread
    2" - Female Pipe Thread
    3", 4", 6", 8" - Flanged
  • Flanges: Drilled to ANSI specification
  • Standards: EEC approval (class A)
  • Installation of a continuous acting air vent before the Hydrometer is highly recommended for accurate flow readings