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Netafim Techline EZ

We stock Netafim Techline EZ - one coil, two fittings, less than one hour installation. It's the simplest solution for small landscapes. Netafim's new Techline EZ is the 12mm dripperline for on-surface looped systems that installs fast, saves water and "disappears" into the landscape.

New Selection of Techline EZ Tubing

Our online store has one of the largest warehouse selections of New Netafim Techline EZ drip tubing, Techline EZ parts, and supplies.

Techline EZ for Labor Savings
Netafim Techline EZ (easy & simple) can be installed within an hour and disappears into the landscape with mulch or ground cover.

Techline EZ is used on:

  • Planting beds, installed on-surface
  • LEED Building & Projects
  • Any landscape area less than 1,500 square feet

Techline EZ

Techline EZ is commonly used as part of a complete irrigation system, consisting of various plumbing parts, filters, valves, piping, and automatic control equipment.


  • Dripper manufactured and successfully used in harsh agricultural applications since 2000. Dripper is pressure compensating and continuous self-flushing.
  • Less visually obtrusive - the 12mm diameter tubing is less noticeable in landscape installations.
  • Less time to install. Simple loop systems cover up to 1800 square feet of plant bed area with as few as two fittings.
  • Qualifies for LEED credits. Contains the required quantity of post-consumer recycled material and therefore qualifies for use on LEED projects (4.1 and 4.2 credits).
  • Flexible UV resistant tubing. Adapts to any planting area shape - tubing curves at a 6" radius. For on-surface installations withstands heat and direct sun.