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Sole Saver™ Boot Protector and Shovel Accessory

Brand: Sole Saver
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The Sole Saver™ was invented by a 20+ year irrigation professional to protect his employee's boots due to the frequent replacement as the bottom of the boot rips and punctures.

Save costs on buying new boots! - 30% more efficient - Dig easier - Dig faster - Less strain and pain.

Added benefit: Sole Saver's durable construction and shape will keep the foot firmly in place. No more sliding back and forth, causing sore feet. Due to the foot sliding around in the boots, constant friction will cause the foot temperature to rise, causing sore feet. Sole Saver™ eliminates sliding!

After many years of digging and boot after boot, damage caused by the shovel tip, Sam, the inventor, has produced a product that helps anyone on a shovel dig faster, easier and faster.

The Sole Saver™ not only protects the bottom of your boot from ripping and tearing apart. It also saves your foot from unnecessary pain.