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Rain Bird Pressure Regulators

Pressure Regulator
The PRS-Dial is an excellent means of regulating outlet pressure at the valve regardless of incoming pressure fluctuations. The visible scale makes installation quick and easy. The regulator fits all Rain Bird PGA, PEB, PESB, GB, EFB-CP, BPE and BPES series valves. The dial cartridge (sold separately) retrofits easily into existing PRS-B units.
  • Rain Bird - PRSDIAL - Pressure Regulating Adjustor
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    Rain Bird

    Rain Bird - PRSDIAL - Pressure Regulating Adjustor

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    Regulates outlet pressure at the valve Pressure: Up to 100 PSI Pressure Regulation: 15 to 100 PSI The PRS-Dial is an excellent means of regulatin...

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    Original Price $123.40
    Current Price $92.55
    Save 25%
    In Stock (28)
  • Improved spike reduction capabilities reduce water hammer.
  • Ergonomic design with snap-tight cover to prevent vandalism.
  • Waterproof dial cartridge eliminates fogging and binding.
  • Dial cartridge retrofits into all existing PRS-B units.
  • Schrader valve connects pressure hose gauge, ordered separately.
  • Easy field installation. PRS-Dial threads underneath the solenoid and adapter.
  • Corrosion-resistant glass-filled nylon for rugged performance.

Application Information:

  • Proper operation requires inlet pressure to be a minimum of 15 psi (1,04 bar) higher than desired outlet pressure
  • For areas with very high pressure or uneven terrain, install sprinklers with PRS pressure regulating stems and/or SAM check valves
  • When inlet pressure exceeds 100 psi (6,9 bar), a regulating master valve or inline pressure regulator is suggested.
  • Rain Bird does not recommend using the pressure regulating module for applications outside the recommended flow ranges.
  • To reduce the effects of water hammer, Rain Bird recommends flow rates in the supply line not to exceed 7.5 ft/sec (2,3 m/s).
  • For flows below 5 gpm (1,14 m3/h; 0,32 l/s) Rain Bird recommends use of upstream filtration to prevent debris from collecting below the diaphragm.
  • For flows below 10 gpm (2,27 m3/h; 0,63 l/s) Rain Bird recommends the flow control stem be turned down two full turns from the fully open position.

  • Pressure: Up to 100 psi (6.9 bar)
  • Pressure Regulation: 15 to 100 psi (1,0 to 6,9 bar)
  • Accuracy: +/- 3 psi (+/- 0,2 bar)
  • Flow: refer to charts
  • Temperature: up to 150 F (66 C)

Valve Flow Ranges 

Valve Flow Ranges