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RAIN BIRD - ESPLXME2 - Rain Bird Controller Next Gen Traditionally Wired Indoor/Outdoor 12 Station Plastic Wall Mount Enclosure

Brand: Rain Bird
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  • Features a large backlit LCD screen for better visibility
  • FloManager controls hydraulic demand to shorten the watering time
  • Provides 40 programs for flexibility in scheduling irrigation
  • 12-station Traditionally Wired 

The Rain Bird Residential Controller 12 Stations Front-Entry features 12-station modules for expanding the base unit up to 48 stations. This device has a FloManager that controls the hydraulic demand to shorten the total watering time. It provides 40 programs for flexibility in scheduling irrigation. Its programmable SimulStations feature helps operate up to five stations simultaneously. With the copy and paste functions, this controller enables effortless programming of multiple stations.