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Armada - PRO50-AM - PRO50 Digital AC/DC Solenoid Activator with Multimeter

Brand: Armada
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  • Test wiring, operate and chatter valves in conventional 24 Vac systems
  • Test wiring, operate and chatter valves in battery-operated systems (9 Vdc with DC latching solenoids)
  • Check AC or DC (battery operated) controller operation 
  • AC/DC Auto-ranging Multimeter built-in
  • Sends wire tracing tones and verifies the wire
  • Toro Golf Spike Guard™ solenoid compatible
  • Long-life AA batteries (4 required)

The Pro50™ Digital Irrigation System Tester is a complete tool for testing multi-wire electrically-controlled irrigation systems – verifying controller functions, wiring continuity, and valve solenoid operation. It is designed for users who may need to test both conventional AC systems and DC (9-volt battery) operating systems. In the AC mode, the tester measures and activates valve circuits using 24 volts, while in the DC mode the tester uses the same signals as popular 9-volt battery-operated controllers to activate DC latching solenoids. The Pro50™ will “chatter” valves in both modes. It includes a built-in auto-ranging multimeter that will read voltage up to 40 volts and resistance up to 40 kilohms. The standard electrical test leads are interchangeable with the test leads from your other meters if you want to probe terminals and wires instead of clipping on with the alligators.