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Sprinkler Valve Boxes

A durable box to house and protect your lawn irrigation manifold is essential for future maintenance of any irrigation system.

Sprinkler valves that have been buried directly in the soil are a recipe for disaster. Valves are precision equipment, requiring a clean and safe place for them to operate properly. Burying valves, either individually or an entire manifold, without the protection of an enclosure means that you’re risking damage to the pipes and the electrical wiring that enable those valves to work properly! Manifolds also require regular maintenance, and buying them without an enclosure makes accessing those valves in the future be a real mess, as you’ll have  to dig them up every time you need to maintain or repair them. 

Valve Boxes

Protect the most important components of your irrigation system with these sturdy and reliable enclosures. They’re the best way to protect your system from accidental damage and to make it easy to maintain, repair, and replace when necessary 

Valve Boxes for Sprinkler Systems

We carry the best boxes from NDS and Rain Bird, brands renowned for their craftsmanship and with a long-running reputation for quality. These items are made from the most durable and rugged materials to keep your valves in perfect working condition, safe from dirt and debris at all times. You can trust that your irrigation system will work perfectly with any of our classic boxes, featuring traditional green removable tops and in either rectangular or circular form factors, with each model coming with built-in pipe slots to allow water pipes to enter and exit without a problem. The only thing they won’t do for you is dig the hole you’ll need to put them in - you’re still stuck doing that one yourself!

Here at Sprinkler Supply Store, we’ve got the widest selection of lawn irrigation parts and accessories anywhere. If we don’t have it in stock, we’re happy to order it for you! With world-class customer service and free shipping over $149, why would you go anywhere else? Shop our collection now!

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    Product type: Box and Cover Color: Green/Green Length: 8-3/8 inches Width: 8-3/8 inches Height: 9-1/16 inches Weight: 1.2700 lbs From resident...

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    Original Price $8.96
    Current Price $6.72
    Save 25%
    In Stock (13)