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Toro 570Z Sprays

Versatile. Flexible. Reliable.
The Toro 570 Series sprinklers embody all the type of specialty equipment that is required for residential and service contractors wanting to stock just one sprinkler family. With hundreds of different nozzles, several body styles and a side inlet option, you instantly have the ability to satisfy any installation requirement. Whether a small installation or an intricate design, the 570Z family has the features you need. The zero flush seal prevents flushing on pop-up and the ratcheting riser lets you easily fine-tune. Step-up to the added value of Toro's patented X-Flow technology with built in shutoff device and/or the in-riser pressure regulator included on some models.
Zero Flush Seal
Prevents flushing on pop-up, allowing more sprinklers on the same line.
Enhanced Retraction Spring and Wiper Seal
Robust retraction spring and enhanced seal material ensures positive pop-up and retraction on all 570Z models.
Ratcheting Riser
For easy and reliable arc adjustment on pop-up models.
Patented In-riser Pressure Regulator
Pressure regulator maintains constant 30 psi outlet pressure, which minimizes misting and fogging caused by pressures above 30 psi. (570ZPR & 570ZPRX only) Patented X-Flow High-flow Shut-off Device The X-Flow shut-off device is built into the riser and restricts water loss by 99% if the nozzle is removed or damaged, eliminating potential erosion or safety concerns Allows for "dry"nozzle and filter replacement or maintenance, while the system is running (570ZXF & 570ZPRX only).
  • 89-5807 - Toro 570Z-2P Pop Up Sprinkler
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    Toro - 89-5807 - 570Z - 2 in. Pop Up Sprinkler

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    570Z Pop-up Spray Pop-up Height: 2 in. No Check Valve No Side Inlet Nozzle Not Included The 570Z is ideal for small to medium size landscape area...

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    Original Price $5.64
    Current Price $3.61
    Save 36%
    In Stock (6)

Radius 2'-26' (.6 - 7.4 m)
Flow 0.05-4.50 GPM (.2 - 17 LPM)
Recommended Operating Pressure 20-50 PSI (1.4 - 3.4 BAR)
Maximum Operating Pressure 75 PSI (5.2 BAR)
Inlet 1/2" (1.3 cm) female threaded
Pop-Up Height 2", 3", 4", 6", 12" (5.1 cm, 7.6 cm, 10.2 cm, 15.2 cm, 30.5 cm)
Body Diameter 1 3/8" (3.5 cm) except 12P - 1 5/8" (4.1 cm) & 12P SI - 1 3/4" (4.4 cm)
Cap Diameter 2" (5.1 cm)
Body Style Side inlet option

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