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Toro Irrigation Timers

Add more value, versatility and convenience to your automatic underground watering system with a Toro Automatic Sprinkler Timer.
Customize watering schedules tailored to your unique landscape needs, while dramatically conserving water and improving lawn and plant health. Irrigation controllers from Toro offer maximum versatility and efficient watering. It can even be easily linked to existing drip watering systems.

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Toro Irrigation Controllers

Our online store has one of the largest warehouse selections of Toro timers and controllers for irrigation systems.

Toro Sprinkler Timers - Parts and Supplies
An irrigation system combining Toro controllers, timers, Toro rain sensors and remotes can create a year-round watering schedule requiring little to no adjustment.

Modern Toro controllers are nearly unlimited in their capabilities for multi-station add-ons and long-term programming.

Toro Sprinkler Timers

Most irrigation controllers are used as part of a complete sprinkler system, consisting of piping, fittings, valves and Toro sprays.

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