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Toro MPR Plus Nozzles

These MPR Plus nozzles fit any Toro spray body offering excellent performance.
- Matched precipitation rates ensure all nozzles (every arc within a family) apply water at approximately the same rate
- Low-flow rates allow for more sprinklers to be placed on the same zone
- Pre-installed PCDs eliminate fogging, conserve water and provide precise flow rates (also available without PCDs)
- Standard and special spray patterns for varying applications - Customized screens developed for each nozzle for better filtration
- Patterns for small areas: full set of arcs for 10' (3m), 8' (2,4m) and 5' (1,5m) radius nozzles - 4' x 18' (1,2 x 5,5m) side strip ideal for medians
- 2' x 6' (0,6 x 1,8m) for small planter beds and other narrow areas
- Fine-mesh, snap-in filter screens, prevent clogging of lower gallonage nozzles
- Two-year warranty