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Toro Precision Spray Nozzles

Precise Watering with Lower Precipitation Rates.
Toro's Precision Series Spray Nozzles are the most complete and efficient spray nozzle line available to help irrigation professionals mange water use, eliminate runoff and reduce customer water bills.
Male Threaded nozzles are used for Toro sprays
Female Threaded nozzles are used for Hunter, Rain Bird, and Irritrol sprays
  • Radius: 5' to 15"
  • Operating Pressure Range: 20 to 75 PSI
  • Arc Options: 60°, 90°, 120°, 150°, 180°, 210°, 240°, 270°, 360°
  • Side & Corner Specialty Patterns
  • Fits Toro or Irritrol, Rain Bird, and Hunter Spray Bodies
The Precision Spray nozzles 1" per hour precipitation rate ensures that water is applied more slowly and evenly without sacrificing landscape health. These nozzles are available in a wide selection of arcs and radii, as well as Male and Female threads make them ideal for large scale installations and retrofits. The Precision Series Spray Nozzles are no also available in pressure-compensating versions, further enhancing the best-in-class spray nozzle in the industry.

Patented H2O Chip Technology
Using patented H2O chip technology - and no moving or sonic welded parts - each Precision Series Spray nozzles creates one or more high frequency oscillating streams to achieve the desired arc and radius with 1/3 less water usage.

Maximize Irrigation Efficiency
Precision Spray nozzles deliver an industry first 1" per hour precipitation rate, which better matches soil infiltration rate. This lower precipitation rate, along with hight distribution uniformity make this nozzles family the most efficient nozzle from 5' to 15' Radii.

Pressure Compensation Device
The elastomeric PCD disk opens and closes in response to changes in inlet pressure to maintain optimal performance, even when the pressure rises higher than 40 PSI. The Pressure-Compensating versions are indicated by the red stamped Toro logo, while the non-Pressure-Compensating versions are indicated by the white stamped Toro logo.