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Unique Signature Series

Unique Lighting Systems' Signature Series & Hardscape Series line is the end result of a timeless effort to create the perfect lighting fixture.
Each Unique Signature Series & Hardscape Series fixture is built for a specific purpose and designed to last a lifetime. The Signature Series & Hardscape Series line is the result from years of research and development determined to create only the most elite lighting fixtures available for the most discerning end user.
  • Unique - Odyssey - NOVASTAR-B25-20-WB
    10+ day delay
    Original Price $172.29
    Current Price $124.89

    Unique - Odyssey - NOVASTAR-B25-20-WB

    Unique - NOVASTAR-B25-20-WB - Nova Star Brass Well Light 12 Volt 20W Halogen Includes 25' Wire Cord Finish: Weathered Brass Includes: NOVASTARGRAT...

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    Original Price $172.29
    Current Price $124.89
    10+ day delay
    10+ day delay

Signature Series Lights

Our online store has one of the largest warehouse selections of Unique Lighting Systems products including the Signature Series Lamps.

Unique Signature Lamps
We have a large selection of Unique Signature Series lights in a variety of styles to best fit your landscape lighting needs.

  • Unique Signature Path Lights
  • Unique Signature Down Lights
  • Unique Signature Wall Lights
  • Unique Signature Well Lights
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