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Wilkins Regulators

Designed for installation on water lines to reduce high inletpressure to a lower outlet pressure.
The integral strainermakes this device most suitable for residential and commercialwater systems that require frequent cleaning of sedimentand debris. The direct acting integral by-pass designprevents buildup of excessive system pressure caused bythermal expansion. The balance piston design enables theregulator to react in a smooth and responsive manner tochanges in system flow demand, while at the same time,providing protection from inlet pressure changes.
  • Wilkins - 1-NR3XL - 1-inch PRV Single Union NPT
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    Original Price $244.00
    Current Price $111.96
    Zurn Industries, LLC

    Wilkins - 1-NR3XL - 1-inch PRV Single Union NPT

    Pressure Reducing Valve w/ Integral By-pass Check Valve and Strainer Lead Free Size: 1" The Zurn Wilkins NR3XL Water Pressure Reducing Valve with...

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    Original Price $244.00
    Current Price $111.96
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    Save 54%

Pressure Reducing Regulators

Our online store has one of the largest warehouse selections of Zurn Wilkins products including pressure reducing regulating valves.

Regulating Valves
We offer a large selection of Zurn Regulators.

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