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GPH Drip Pressure Indicator Nozzle for Pop-up Heads

Brand: GPH
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This product combines the function of a drip flush valve, with a highly visible pop-up nozzle (orange or purple) to give maintenance persons a visual indication of the drip zone pressurization. The pop-up feature allows the maintenance persons to quickly locate the flush valves instead of searching in dense ground covers for boxes below grade.

Given the simplicity of the installation and cost of the components, this is a much less expensive flush valve than currently used on most commercial projects. The nozzle is available in two styles, Rain Bird threaded (Female) or Toro threaded (Male), as well as a bright orange color for potable water systems and purple color for use on recycled water systems.

  • GDFN - Drip Flush Nozzle, Rain Bird style female threads, Orange in color.
  • GDFN-T - Drip Flush Nozzle, Toro style male threads, Orange in color.
  • GDFN-R - Drip Flush Nozzle, Rain Bird style female threads, Purple in color.