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Greenlee - 521A - 521A Valve and Wire Locator

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The new and improved 521A Wire and Valve Locator builds on the success of the industry-standard Model 521. The new 521A has added features such as: loudspeaker listening, an extended locating wand for comfort, a slimmer case and a switch to easy to find “D” cell transmitter batteries. Like its predecessor, the 521A combines adjustable transmitter power with a sensitive locating receiver to allow location of buried wires and valves with speed and confidence.

  • Transmitter Frequency: 1748 Hz
  • Transmitter Power: 750 Vpp, 285 Vrms
  • Case Dimensions: 851 mm x 210 mm x 95 mm (33.5 in x 8.25 in x 3.75 in)
  • Battery: Eight D-cells and one 9 Vdc (included)
  • Battery Life:
    • Transmitter: 50 hours nominal
    • Receiver: 100 hours nominal
  • Automatic Shut-off: 90 minutes for receiver; turn-off bumper for transmitter