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Hunter - ECOMAT17 - Subsurface Drip Mat, 32-inch Wide, 0.6 GPH, 295-FT

Brand: Hunter
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  • Hunter - ECOMAT17 - Subsurface Drip Mat, 32-inc Wide, 0.6 GPH, 295-FT
  • Specifically engineered combination of inline emitter tubing and fleece
  • Subsurface - Installed in the soil
  • Promotes healthier plant roots
  • Perfect for irrigating difficult areas

Designed to suit a variety of hard-to-irrigate areas, the Eco-Mat uses a specifically engineered combination of inline emitter tubing and fleece, which evenly disperses water from under the surface. Eco-Mat consists of Hunter’s specialized fleece wrapped inline emitter tubing (Eco-Wrap), attached to specialized fleece. Eco-Mat is then installed in the soil to be irrigated, directly under the plant material. When water is emitted, the Eco-Wrap fills and in turn, saturates the Eco-Mat. The Eco-Mat not only makes subsurface drip a viable solution, but it also makes it a great one. Since there’s never water on the surface, high-traffic turf areas in places like amusement parks, city parks, and commercial complexes can be used all day without the need to budget time for overhead irrigation or worry about vandalism.