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Hunter HC Flow Meter | Choose Your Selection

Brand: Hunter
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    Detect, monitor, and report critical flow zone data and total system flows with this robust and simple-to-install flow sensor. Add wireless flow-monitoring capabilities to Hydrawise® Systems with a simple and affordable communication kit.

    • Type Wired or Wireless
    • Versatile: Wireless communication kit for use with any HC Flow Meter and Hydrawise-enabled HC, HPC, Pro-HC, or HCC controller
    • Convenient: Sends station-level flow rates and totals wirelessly from the sensor to the controller, without the need to run wire or dig trenches
    • Effective: Provides 152 m line-of-sight communication from transmitter to receiver.

    Operating Specifications

    • Scaled pulse output is precalibrated from the factory based on the size of the meter
    • When wired directly to the controller, the meter must be installed with shielded, minimum 18 AWG wire, up to 1,000' from the controller
    • Accuracy: ± 2% of reading at recommended flow

    Wireless Operating Specifications

    • 500' range (line of sight) from transmitter to receiver
    • Communication frequency: 900 MHz for use in North America
    • Transmitter power supply: 3 AA batteries
    • Receiver power supply: 24 VAC from host controller