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Hunter PS Ultra Spray Sprinkler Body | Choose Your Selection

Brand: Hunter
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  • Enhanced cap for more durability, easier handling, and extended riser seal life
  • Large inlet filter screen for increased debris resistance
  • The check valve option eliminates low-head drainage
  • Heavy-duty spring for consistent riser retraction
  • Directional flush plug design for a cleaner installation
  • Two-piece ratcheting rise
  • 2 " and 4" models can retrofit into older style PS models
  • compatible with all female-threaded nozzles


  • Pop-up Height: 2"
  • Overall Height: 5"
  • Exposed Diameter: 1¼"
  • Inlet Size: ½" NPT
  • Pop-up Height: 4"
  • Overall Height: 7¼"
  • Exposed Diameter: 1¼"
  • Inlet Size: ½" NPT


  • Pop-up Height: 6"
  • Overall Height: 9½"
  • Exposed Diameter: 1¼"
  • Inlet Size: ½" NPT
This compact slim-line spray sprinkler is available in 2", 4", and 6" models. Its innovative body incorporates a reliable two-piece ratchet, durable cap, male-threaded riser, and large filter screen, providing double filtration on 4" and 6" models. Additionally, the 2" and 4" models are retro-compatible with existing PS Spray bodies, which allow for a quick and easy upgrade. Standard PS Ultra models include a preinstalled Pro Adjustable Nozzle. A Flush Plug version is available without a nozzle or filter screen. With so many compatible nozzles to choose from, finding the most efficient solution for the right application is simple and easy