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NDS - 5370 - Fabricated Tee with Grate

Brand: NDS
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  • Fabricated Tee w/ Grate
  • Size 6 1/8" x 4 1/2"
  • Color: Grey

NDS Mini Channel Drain features 6 ft. long PVC Mini Channel Drain, inverse flying buttress design bottom flange, patented honeycomb reinforced walls and a UV inhibitor. NDS Mini Channel Drain NDS Mini Channel Drain acts as a perimeter drain, quickly removing water from hardscapes and directing it away from building structures and is ideal for residential or non-residential applications that anticipate moderate amounts of drainage water a low-cost alternative to Spee-D Channel, excellent for light duty applications including pools, patios, spas and tennis courts. Mini Channel Couplings must be used to connect to Mini Channel Fittings.