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Plott - 10002CARTA-SO - Carta Measuring Wheel

Brand: PLOTT
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Carta is the first measurement wheel to digitally map a space and create an interactive map of your home project.

Carta and the Lets Plott Platform saves the user time, money, and headaches by eliminating the painstaking calculations that come with doing home projects.

Draw paths in real time and add notes, images and videos to a project to create a command center within the app and share it to complete projects easily. Record distance, area, and perimeter of any space or shape, saving time and eliminating complex math and wasted materials when doing a home project.

Then Carta takes you back to specific points in your design so you know exactly where everything needs to go. This helps you plan and execute projects around the home as well as minimize wasted material.

  • MEASURE: Create and design projects with the Lets Plott app
  • CALCULATE: Area, Material, and Cost in app
  • GUIDANCE: Takes you to real world Key points with a known starting point
  • MEASURING UNITS: Yards, feet, inches, and Meters