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Rain Bird - 1800RETRO - Xerigation Retrofit Kit

Brand: Rain Bird
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Simple kit that easily converts a conventional spray zone to a low-volume drip zone.

  • 1800 Series Spray Body that contains a filter, pressure regulator, and 1/2 in. male threaded outlet
  • Permits conventional conversion to drip tubing when used with Easy Fit Fitting and Female Adapter
  • Can be installed above or below ground
  • Internal assembly can be removed and easily dropped into any 1804, 1806 or 1812 Spray Head Body to easily retrofit existing system to drip products.

Operating Range:

  • Provides 30 PSI Regulation
  • Provides 200-mesh screen
  • 1/2 in. Female threaded bottom inlet
  • height: 7 in.
  • Width: 2 in.

Installed in parks and backyards across the globe, Rain Bird's 1800 Series is the #1 commercial-grade irrigation spray head brand in the world. Chosen for its reliability, heavy-duty materials, and versatility, the 1800 Series offers a broad selection of pop up heights and nozzle combinations for watering shrubs, small lawns, and irregularly shaped planting areas.