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Rain Bird R-VAN Rotary Nozzles | Select your Model

Brand: Rain Bird
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 Rain Bird R-VAN Rotary Nozzles are the smart choice for a greener, more efficient watering experience. These cutting-edge nozzles bring advanced technology and exceptional performance to your irrigation system, ensuring a vibrant and healthy landscape.
  • Pressure Range:  30 to 55 psi (2.1 to 3.8 bar)
  • Recommended Operating Pressure: 45 psi (3.1 bar)
  • Spacing: 8’to 24’ (2.4 to 7.3m)
  • Adjustments: Arc and radius should be adjusted while water is running
  • Matched precipitation across a radius, arcs, and pattern types
  • A low precipitation rate reduces run-off and erosion
  • Adjust arc and radius without tools
  • A pull-up-to-flush feature clears the nozzle of dirt and debris
  • Color-coded and laser marked for easy identification of the R-VAN model
  • Maintains efficient performance at high operating pressures without misting or fogging
  • Compatible with most models of Rain Bird spray bodies, risers, and adapters
  • Installing with Rain Bird 5000 MPR Series Rotors allows for matched precipitation from 8’to 35’(2.4m to 10.7m)
  • Three-year trade warranty

R-VAN provides a full line of high-performance rotary nozzles that are engineered to deliver the most efficient coverage while offering installation and maintenance that’s faster and easier than any other rotary nozzle on the market.

Plus, R-VAN Rotary Nozzles are designed with unique features, such as tool-free adjustment, pull-to-flush, and matched precipitation. Because every drop matters.

 The Perfect Pair for Pressure Regulation

When used with 1800® PRS-45 Sprays, Rain Bird’s R-VAN Rotary Nozzles provide ultimate efficiency at 45 psi.

8’ - 14’ (2.4 to 4.6m)

  • R-VAN14: 45° - 270° Adjustable Arc
  • R-VAN14-360: 360° Full Circle

13’ - 18’ (4.0 to 5.5m)

  • R-VAN18: 45° - 270° Adjustable Arc
  • R-VAN18-360: 360° Full Circle

17’ - 24’ (5.2 to 7.3m)

  • R-VAN24: 45° - 270° Adjustable Arc
  • R-VAN24-360: 360° Full Circle

Strip Nozzles

  • R-VAN-LCS: 5’ x 15’ (1.5 x 4.6m) Left Corner Strip
  • R-VAN-RCS: 5’ x 15’ (1.5 x 4.6m) Right Corner Strip
  • R-VAN-SST: 5’ x 30’ (1.5 x 9.1m) Side Strip